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Whole Life Insurance:




  • Burial/Funeral Insurance

    Burial insurance or final expense life insurance provides permanent coverage, level premiums and accumulates cash value.  Another feature is small whole life insurance policies available from $5,000 to $25,000, allowing each insured to tailor a burial policy to meet his or her needs.  A death benefit is payable upon the insured's death.  This type of whole life insurance protects your loved ones, while providing final expenses. Issue ages are from 0 to 85!!!

    Ever wondered how much the average funeral and burial costs?  Have you considered all the expenses involved?  Sources reveal that the average cost of a funeral and burial range between $7,000 and $8,000 dollars.

    The application process is simple and easy.  NO PHYSICAL EXAM IS NECESSARY!  Also, you can even get coverage if you have pre-existing medical conditions or over weight.

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    Most Commonly Selected Services:

    • Embalming
    • Visitation/Viewing
    • Transfer of remains
    • Hearse
    • Service car/van
    • Vault
    • Service at Funeral Home
    • Other Preparations (Cosmetology)


    • Acknowledgement cards
    • Casket
    • Flowers

    Additional Expenses:

    • Cemetery charges
    • Grave space
    • Monument or marker
    • Opening/closing grave


    Juvenile Life Insurance


    When you buy a life insurance policy for your young children or grandchildren while its easy to qualify for assures them of affordable whole life protection for as long as they desire to continue the insurance coverage.  The rates won't change until the child reaches age 26 or decides to increase the whole life insurance coverage amount when he or she reaches age 31.

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